Happy Birthday Harvey

Demonstrating brilliantly the highs & the lows of a cake smash photoshoot, here's beautiful blue eyed boy, Harvey. 

Stage one; approach the cake with caution... "What is the meaning of this?" 

Stage two; attempt to stick fingers into the cake & await some form of parental panic... "What? So you're just gonna stand there & do nothing?" 

Stage three; reassured by the lack of parental concern yet some what disturbed by the over zealous encouragement to "EAT CAKE - MMMMM YUMMY" "I think they've actually lost it this time, let's see what they do when I shove a handful into my mouth..." 

Stage four; realisation that the cake really is all yours, it's amazing! You have permission to play with it, eat it, you can even wear it... you have permission to make a mess!!  "Mmmmm Caaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkeee, I love cake... Shhhhh don't say a word... challenge accepted... caaaaaaaake!!" 

Stage five; the heart breaking moment when you realise your love of cake is over... you now hate cake, you can no longer even look at cake... you've had enough & you want to go home! "Why meeeeeee Mummy? Whyyyy meeeee? 

Stage six; game is very much over. "Get me out of here NOW Mummy... i feel 'ick! Urgh!!" 

Stage seven; spend rest of day wondering whether it was all just a dream... "Might just try that out again next time we have cake... cake? Urghhhh."

Well it really was real, Harvey & your folks have the pics to prove it! I hope one day, you learn to love cake again... Happy Birthday little man! xxx

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