Celt... just 5 weeks new.

Introducing Celt, just 5 weeks new & way too cute for words, but you know me, I'll try my best to find some... 

So the thing with newborn baby photography is that without a doubt we get the best results when baby's fast asleep... that's when we get all the dreamy shots.... it's not often we have a baby that's happy to be moved from basket to basket while awake, especially when they can hear or sense their Mama close by... but this little cherub however was sooooooo chilled he did just that... and so once it had become clear that Celt wasn't planning on sleeping anytime soon we decided to just go for it and he loved every furry hat, blanket & basket, he loved looking up at my lights and out through my windows... he was a dream! I'm still getting over his incredible expressions.... and can you even believe that baby boxer pose?? 

... and that's not all... One of my favourite poses and one that is virtually impossible to capture whilst baby's awake is baby on their tummy with head resting onto folded arms so towards the end of the session we settled Celt cosily into that position... it was at that point that I heard someone sobbing, it was Celt's Mum, Hayley.  Hayley was crying at the sight of her little man & I totally understood why... me being me I almost started crying too but held it together because there were pics to be taken! If tears come at all, they usually come when the parents see their gallery for the first time... to have the tears come mid shoot was a first for me and has made me love my job even more! This little man was soooo cool that even when he woke up in that belly down position he just had himself a little look around and drifted, slowly back off sleep... what an angel! 

No easy task but here are just a few of my favourites... xxx 

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