A little miracle named Cadi.

This little lady totally took my breath away & in all honesty I couldn't quite get over her or indeed her Mum. 

Cadi was born on the 23rd November 2016, she was 15 weeks early & she weighed just 1lb 11ounces!! They spent the next 92 days in hospital where Cadi, against all odds, gradually grew stronger, learning to breath, to swallow, to feed... & continued to amaze everyone with her ever increasing strength!!  

I got to photograph Cadi on her actual due date of 9th March 2017...  by which time she was already 15 weeks & one day old & as you can see by this point Cadi had grown the most beautifully reassuring little buddah belly & the cutest set of chubby cheeks & she weighed a wonderful 5lb 5ounces!! No doubt it will be a while longer before Mum truly relaxes & is able to put these early months behind them... I can't even begin to imagine how she held it all together let alone how she managed to turn up at the studio not only looking fantastic but bringing with her a sense of humour!! Like I said, I couldn't & still quite haven't gotten over these two & feel so very honoured to have photographed them both... and Cadi's lovely Grandma joined in for a few too... 

So watch out world, this little lady is already a force to be reckoned with... xxx 

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